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City of Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Summerside Economic Development


Summerside making good on its economic development action plan

City launches multiple initiatives in response to strategic recommendations.

SUMMERSIDE, December 12, 2011 – After the release of its action plan at the end of July, the City of Summerside’s Economic Development Department has been working hard to create momentum with the rapid release of five major initiatives in response to the plan’s recommendations.

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Summerside Economic Development Launches FIVE New Initiatives!

Here’s a quick overview:

The Available Sites Tool

Helps you find suitable business properties in Summerside. Properties can be searched by price, size, zoning or listing type. Each property is presented with its own Google map and image gallery. If you discover a property that interests you it can be downloaded, emailed or added to your custom report. See it in action here.

Investment-Focused Website

Because municipal sites contain so much information, many businesses and site selectors prefer a dedicated site that contains only the information that is relevant to them, such as incentive programs, tax rates, available commercial and industrial properties etc. The city of Summerside has created such a site at www.bigpossibilities.ca.

The Skills Matcher Tool

This system is a talent pool of all the skills that are available on (and off) the Island. Summerside has the skills that employers are looking for, and that pool extends to our ex-pats that would love to come back home for the right opportunity. All those skills are captured here. The Skills Matcher Tool matches qualified candidates with the right jobs. It's easy, it's automated, and it's free. Employers and candidates can get started at www.summerside.skillsmatcher.ca.

The Summerside “Storybook”

When we talk to people about locating in Summerside, we find ourselves sharing the stories of innovation, community and success that illustrate what our city is all about. Stories like the $40-million Credit Union Place Wellness Facility that is a hub for our 15,000 residents, or the Holman’s E-Health Centre of Excellence that houses our growing e-heath cluster. It’s these stories that compel the people we’re talking to look more closely at this small city in Atlantic Canada with such big ambition. Download it here.

A storybook format was a natural choice for this investment attraction piece, so we asked the kids at Athena and Elm Street schools for their help. They drew pictures of some of the best things about Summerside as a place to live, go to school or run a business. The illustrations accompany the facts and figures that one would normally find in an investment marketing piece, but we think this one is going to be a little more memorable!

Enhanced Business Directory

You can find local businesses, view their products and services and connect with them on and offline using this tool. Search the business directory or browse all business listings below to get started.

Are you a representing a local business? Add your company information to the directory for free. Your listing includes contact information, a summary of what you do and the ability to add logos, photos and links to your social media accounts. Visit the enhanced business directory here.


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Economic Development Indicators Update

Click here to view the latest employment and construction economic indicators as of October 2011.



A Spotlight on the
E-Health Sector in Summerside

For some time, Health IT has been a key target for Summerside, focusing economic development resources at the leading edge of the health care sector, where new technologies and communications tools are transforming service delivery, patient treatment and information management.  Where the health care sector was once dominated by pharmaceutical and mechanical technologies, the rise of e-health, bioinformatics and a host of related subsectors has expanded the industry towards a high-tech future. 

The City of Summerside is home to a number of e-Health companies that are involved in the development of software, medical devices and other health technologies. These innovative companies are an integral part of fostering growth in health IT, and include companies like RadNet, Enabled Health Care, RMDDx and Worklinks.

Supporting this industry on the infrastructure side is the Holman's Technology Centre, located in the heart of Downtown Summerside.  The building was retro-fitted with modern and green technologies to support this growing industry.  The centre offers approximately 80,000 square feet of office space equipped with technology infrastructure supportive of IT companies. The centre is designed with collaborative spaces to encourage interaction and creative energy.

Summerside is continuing to pursue opportunities in the E-Health Sector. Growth in terms of new companies and expansion of existing business is looking positive into the future.  A focus on Summerside's key attributes along with a support services on both the infrastructure and labour side bode well for significant growth in our community.

Fast Facts
• In Canada, e-health spending reached $4.8 billion and is anticipated to grow at a rate of 15% for the next 5 years.
• The e-health market in the United States is valued at $16.4 billion and is expected to grow by 13.4% annually.
• Total worldwide e-health spending totaled $53.2 billion, with growth continuing to rise.
• Health Informatics graduates job prospects have never been better
• Employment prospects in  the E-health Sector are very strong well into the future with demand outstripping supply
• Average wages in the E-health Sector are on average higher than other comparable industries

Footnote:  Ehealth Market Environment for Canadian Firms..  Presentation by John Chesley, Chairman EHealth Watching Brief Team, Industry Canada, 2009